Newsletter – Sept 15, 2019

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Help! We Seek Your Prayers and Financial Assistance

We rely heavily on the prayer and financial assistance of our partners in ministry. 2019 has been a difficult year financially for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that some of our faithful supporters are struggling        themselves financially this year. Another important reason is that in the last seven weeks we have scheduled 81 appointments and of those only 55 were able to pay all or part of their appointments. Meaning that 32% of those    receiving counseling were unable to pay anything. We  never refuse counseling services due to inability to pay relying heavily on our partners in ministry.

We have always been very appreciative of all who have helped us to stay financially able to minister through the years and to those who have faithfully prayed for the     Center. We ask that you please pray and ask the Lord for guidance in considering partnering with us financially     during the days ahead as we move forward nationally and internationally in serving the Lord in this vital ministry.

A Counseling Request and Intake Forms Received from Tartu, Estonia

We have received a request for counseling from Estonia, a country in extreme N.E. Europe bordering on Russia. He states: “My situation is similar to the demon possession in Mark chapter 9. I have schizophrenia and alters both. One of the evil spirits is manifesting very strongly and could make me dangerous to others. The spirit is just utterly depraved and insane! I just need help and very soon! I have no money to give you and need to use public wifi places just to get internet. You will most likely say no to me, but could you pray to Jesus and ask him if you should do a session with me for free. And if he should say yes and you should feel peace about it, could you please do one for free?”

We are planning to set up the first appointment for him in about a week and seek your prayers for wisdom, guidance, and a successful outcome of healing for this man.

Counseling Activity During the Last Seven Weeks

There were 81 counseling appointments, including  another individual flown in for concentrated counseling from California, during the  last seven weeks covering 11 states and the country of Belgium. The map shows the states we worked in across our nation during this    period. Some of these were very complex and we do appreciate your prayers for wisdom and discernment.

Another Young Woman Flown in from Huntington Beach, California the End of August

A young woman, who had been the subject of Satanic Ritual Abuse as a  child, flew in along with her mother and grandmother from California for a couple days of   

concentrated counseling a couple weeks ago. She is the second counselee to fly in from California seeking help in the last couple months.   

On a Personal Note

Diane and I are enjoying family. We have spent several weekends out in Talladega, Alabama visiting our youngest daughter Julie and her family.

We went to grandparents day at Kye’s school. She is in the fifth grade. Then in the evening we attended the Talladega High School football game where Jackson, our 8th grade grandson is on the senior varsity H.S. team as a kicker. Needless to say for an 8th grader to be playing first string on a senior varsity football team he must be a good kicker, which he is.

Our son Gary and Kelly live just 10 minutes from us and so we have them over for supper usually weekly and enjoy the time together.

We are looking forward to seeing the other children and grandchildren later on this year as we approach the holidays since they live further away.

Problems continue with my relationship with osteoarthritis and had to have surgery, this time on my right foot, two days ago. Early this year it was my left foot that needed additional surgery. All went well and I am home preparing this newsletter for mailing.

Tomorrow is our  41st wedding anniversary. I have been blessed to have spent these past years with Diane who has been with me through thick and thin as we have walked through life together. She has been such a blessing to me through the years, hopefully she can say the same about me, and I love her very much. Lord willing I am looking forward to many additional years together.

I am currently teaching a class on Wednesday evening at Legacy Baptist titled: “Exploring into the Believer’s Eternal Future.” What lies ahead for the Christian including what death really means, the Judgment Seat of Christ, the Kingdom Reign, life eternal, etc.

Prayer and Financial Partners -Once Again “Thank You”

Thank you all so much for partnering with us in this vital worldwide ministry.

We pray for you.

Anyone willing to partner with us in this vital worldwide ministry should send  donations to:

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