Newsletter March 1, 2024

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Since January 15th we have scheduled a total of 118 Counseling Sessions in eleven States and 3 Foreign Countries
Prayer and Financial Partners, Thank you for Blessing the Center the Past Seven Weeks

Your prayer and financial assistance may not seem all that important but it is. Your prayers are vital and your contributions help offset the many individuals who seek counseling but are unable to provide much in return. For instance I worked with one woman who was making $12 an hour and supporting three young children on her own. So I asked if she would be willing to pay the Center $12 a session. It’s important that the counselee have some “skin in the game” thus more serious about the counseling and the work involved. So financially without your help we would not be able to remain in operation. Thanks so much.

Recent Call as Expert Witness in a Court Case in Mississippi

In the past several years I have served as an expert witness in three court cases, Civil, Family and Criminal. It’s been an interesting experience. In one case I was called as an expert witness by the State of Florida in a case and went on the stand at 9:00am, and except for a break for lunch, left the stand at 4:00pm. Long interesting day dealing with demonization and the two defense attorneys examining me didn’t know quite how to handle questions concerning a person who was heavily demonized.

In another court case, a young man had been arrested and held in a county jail in Florida for three months charged with attempted murder by trying to drown a young boy in the ocean. He was a believer and stated he was only trying to do right by baptizing the boy after he trusted Christ as Savior. There had been spirit activity involved. I was sent to interview the young man in a county jail and present my findings. The day of the deposition all charges were dropped and the young man was set free.

I had been called a couple months ago and asked if I would be willing to act as an expert witness in a court case in Mississippi. Then I was interviewed in February by an attorney about being called as an expert witness in the court case concerning a Christian ministry in their state. They will be sending me the case information for my study and review. My health could prevent me from physically going to Mississippi when the court date is set but the court there is set up for testifying remotely so I would not have to present myself in person in court.

Please pray that I will know the Lord’s will in taking on the responsibility, and as I review the case, I will be able to get clarity and understanding as to how to effectively testify.

New Book Just Published and Available Soon

My latest book: Outside the Bible Box—Untangling Biblical Truth in the 21st Century will be available soon through our Website Book Store. More information to come in next newsletter.

Greetings from Roger and Diane

Diane and I are praying that 2024 is going well for each of you, our prayer and financial partners. We pray for all of you daily, our prayer and financial partners, that our Lord will bless you abundantly.

One of our granddaughters, Abbey, is beginning a two-month training program to become a bomb sniffing dog handler at an airport. During the two months she will be paired and trained with the dog. So, Angela drove her to our home for the weekend before she

continued on to Alabama and Angela returned to Ohio. Needless to say, we are always glad to see family come in from out of state.

Health wise I am still in a lot of pain and losing sleep sometimes at night due to the rheumatoid arthritis, which along with the osteoarthritis keeps me working right now on adjusting medications and doing what is necessary so that I can continue (I’ll be 79 in June) in this ministry the Lord has called me into. Diane is such a great wife and “nurse,” and I thank the Lord for her. She truly is my helpmate.

Now we are looking forward to a new year of serving the Lord in counseling with His assistance. Afterall, Jesus is the wonderful counselor and I’m not. I always remind counselees of the fact that they need Him more than they do me as I see myself only as a facilitator while Jesus leads in the counseling. And, I might add, He is an amazing counselor. To our blessed Lord Jesus be all glory!

Once again, we would like to thank all our prayer and financial partners for your support during 2023 and ask that you, please continue to partner as our blessed Lord Jesus directs in 2024.

God bless you!