Newsletter April 15, 2024

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Since March 1st we have scheduled a total of 94 Counseling Sessions in eleven States and 2 Foreign Countries
Thanks to our Prayer and Financial Partners we have remained in the black financially these last six weeks!

As you know the economy is a real burden and hardship on many families, and some of the people we serve are just not able to afford the non-essentials as they try to make financial ends meet. We never refuse to help someone with counseling due to inability to pay, although we do ask them to do what they can as it puts value to them in the counseling and added desire to follow the counseling suggestions. Right now, approximately 25% of our clients are only able to pay very little for counseling services. But, thanks to your prayers and generosity we have been able to stay above water financially. We thank the Lord for you daily.

Although we do General Christian Counseling, we specialize in biblical “Brokenheartedness” and Demonization Issues

Biblical Brokenheartedness

Bible states that Jesus went to the cross paying the penalty for our sins, setting the captives free, and to heal the brokenhearted. Known in the secular arena as Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities), it begins usually in early childhood when a child goes through more trauma (physical, emotional, sexual) than can be handled emotionally and the soul, the heart of man (mind, emotions, will and affections), splits and an alternate personality is formed to handle the worse of the trauma so that the birth person can continue to function. Once the soul is split or broken, the soul is weakened, and it is entirely possible for splitting to continue even when the trauma is less than that which caused the soul (heart) to split originally. Jesus is the wonderful Counselor and does amazing things with the alter personalities as they get to the point of reintegrating into the soul. Complete healing with integration back into the soul by the alter personalities is achievable through Jesus. Brokenheartedness is prevalent worldwide and we work with Christians in many countries suffering and receiving healing through Jesus. To our Savior be all glory.

Demonization Issues

Many believers deal with demonization issues which may have begun at conception due to generational curses. This is NOT possession but can have profound effects on an individual with evil spirits residing within the soul. If generational, then the curse needs to be broken, if the door was opened to the soul because of personal sin then the sin needs to be confessed and the spirit removed. The three most common ways a spirit can gain entry is through sexual sin, dabbling in the occult, and street drugs and drunkenness. Victory is assured through the cross and Jesus. Through our Savior Jesus healing and freedom are attainable. Thank you, Jesus, for being our Savior.
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Greetings from Roger and Diane

Well, we are well into 2024 now and are moving forward in life and ministry. I had some tests completed at the hospital before seeing the pulmonologist and his report was good concerning my lung disease. He wants to see me in six months, so that was good news.

Diane is doing well with her health and is busy taking care of me. She is very aware of what I can and cannot do and makes sure I behave, if you know what I mean.

Easter Sunday after church we had 18 family members over for lunch and some festivities, and a good time was had by all.

Then last Saturday we drove out to Talladega, Alabama, about 1 1/2 hours from our home, and watched two soccer games of the Talladega High School teams. The first was the girl’s game which had our granddaughter Kye playing. The second was the boy’s game of which our grandson Jackson was a member and played. It was a fun morning and early afternoon after which we all went out to lunch before returning to Georgia.

Last night Gary and Kelly came over for supper and the evening. We always enjoy having family come to our home, whether from near or afar. I am sure those of you who are grandparents know the joy when you get to be with family, especially grand and great-grandchildren. In the bedroom the kids stay in when they are here is a sign on the wall reads: “What happens at grandmas stays at grandmas.” Perhaps some of you know what they get away with when visiting grandparents. 😁

Once again, we would like to thank all our prayer and financial partners for your support during 2023 and ask that you, please continue to partner as our blessed Lord Jesus directs.

God bless you!