Newsletter – Nov 3, 2019

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“God is so Good, He’s so Good to Us”

As we said in our last newsletter, 2019 has been a difficult year financially for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that some of our faithful supporters have been struggling themselves financially this year. Another important reason continues to be that once again in the last seven weeks we have scheduled 83 appointments and of those only 35 were able to pay all or part of their appointments. Meaning that 42% of those receiving counseling were unable to pay anything. We  never refuse counseling services due to inability to pay relying heavily on our partners in ministry.

We ask that you please pray and ask the Lord for guidance as you continue partnering with us prayerfully and financially, especially during the days ahead as the holidays are  quickly approaching during which counseling drops off meaning income is even less, yet expenses continue.

A Couple Examples of How Your Prayers and Financial Support Help the Hurting

A Counselee Stands in the Cold Dark Night during Counseling in Tartu, Estonia — Recently we received a request for counseling from Estonia, a country in extreme N.E. Europe bordering on Russia. The first session was very interesting. I called this individual via SKYPE at 2:45pm which was 9:45pm in    Estonia. When we connected what I found was a poor   individual in his 30’s bundled up with a coat and cap, standing  in the cold outside the  local town library door in order to use their internet. He stood there shivering for an hour as I evaluated his problem and how we might be able to be of help to him.

A Woman on the West Coast of the U.S. — One of the more extreme counseling situations we have been working with for a quite some time now is a woman in her 50’s who is on disability and living in an older small motor home in the northwest U. S. She is suffering as a result of extreme childhood trauma and living with over 1000 alter personalities. She is unable to pay for the counseling received.

National & International Counseling Last Seven Weeks

During the last seven weeks, since our last newsletter, there have been 83 counseling appointments scheduled covering 11 states across the United States as well as four foreign countries including Belgium, Estonia, the Czech Republic, and Ecuador. Some of these include very complex spiritual issues and as  always, we do appreciate your support for wisdom and discernment.

Just this Morning an E-mail Request from Wellington, New Zealand

As I was completing this newsletter I received an e-mail from a Christian

counselor in Wellington, New Zealand asking for assistance with a counselee of hers who is suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities). I will be contacting her today to set up a SKYPE appointment. 

On a Personal Note

Diane and I continue to enjoy family. We spent   a couple days out in Talladega, Alabama visiting our youngest daughter Julie and her family. Jackson, who is in the eighth grade is on the Talladega High School senior football team as a kicker. He plays every game and so we went to watch the game on Friday night and, of course, watch him kick points for the team. Needless to say, for him to be playing every game he must be good, and he is. (a grandpa brag).

Gary and Kelly come over for one of Diane’s delicious evening meals every week so we get to spend time and visit with them.

We are looking forward to spending a few days over Thanksgiving together with about 20 children grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It will be a fun time.

The second foot surgery this year, this time on my right foot, has healed well. Early this year it was my left foot that needed additional surgery. The 25 stitches and a pin have been removed but there is still a permanent screw running the length of my big toe. Arthritis and I have a close personal relationship.

It has been extremely hot here in the Atlanta area this fall and we are finally having some seasonal temperatures which we are enjoying. Would love to see the first snow fall, I think!

With Christmas approaching I am once again going to be playing one of the three wise men at the three night “Legacy of Bethlehem” program at Legacy Baptist Church here in Dallas, GA. Somebody said I was going to be one of the three “wise guys.” We will be spending the evening outdoors with a camel (yes a real one) as people are brought by our position and listen to our presentation. I have begun growing my beard so I will fit the character better. Picture to come in January’s newsletter.  Diane will be helping serve indoors. It will be an interesting three nights for both of us.

Prayer and Financial Partners -Once Again “Thank You”

Thank you all so much for partnering with us in this vital worldwide ministry.

We pray for you.

Anyone willing to partner with us in this vital worldwide ministry should send  donations to:

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