Newsletter – May 18, 2021

Center for Christian Counseling & Training

Celebrating 23 Years of National & International Ministry

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Office: 321-269-0404

In the Last Six Weeks Since Our Last Newsletter We have been Extremely Busy
Counseling has been conducted in 13 states, these are:

North Carolina                 Minnesota

Colorado                         Alabama

California                         Georgia

Washington                     Louisiana

Missouri                          Virginia

Florida                              Texas


International Counseling

Australia New Zealand

New Counseling Requests

Among the Inquiries received recently include requests from the city of North Pole, Alaska and the United Kingdom.

April 21st Wednesday Evening Training

Event in Australia

I spoke at the 7:00pm Wednesday evening Bible Study at a church near Melbourne, Australia on the subjects of Demonization and the Born-Again Believer, and Biblical Brokenheartedness.

Now bear in mind that they are 14 hours ahead of us. So I was online on Zoom at 5am on Wednesday morning speaking to a group of believers in their 7pm Wednesday evening service. When counseling with individuals in New Zealand and Australia I generally meet at 5pm which is 7am the next day down under. I never would have thought 20 years ago that I would be able to do counseling anywhere in the world from my office and even be counseling “tomorrow” today. Scheduling time zone differences is interesting and at times can be confusing.

Our Training Material on Spiritual Warfare Being Used to Prepare a Missionary Group Working with Aboriginal Australian Groups in the North of the Country.

A few years ago I taught a one day seminar at Gateway Community Church (SBC) in Titusville, Florida which was video and audio taped. A good friend of the Center for Christian Counseling then spent much time and effort preparing six hours of professional looking videos for training purposes. (Appreciate you T.H.). I had sent a set of those videos to a church in Australia who then shared them with a missionary team getting ready to work with


an Aboriginal Australian group in the north part of the country. We are so happy to have these videos and to be able to make them available to individuals, churches, and mission groups around the world. The titles include:

Demonization and the Believer

Dealing with Demonization


An Inside Look at D.I.D. (Biblical Brokenheartedness)

Sexual Corruption of the Human Race

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  Eph. 6:12. (are you prepared?)

A Personal Note from
Roger & Diane

On May 11, I went through total hip replacement. I must say it had its moments. The spinal block had no effect so I had to resort to some strong pain meds to get some relief and found myself “half loopy. I had to cancel all counselees for a period of time. Started physical therapy at home which is going well but right now still on a walker as transition to a cane will take a little longer due to balance problems relating to my bad feet. Will appreciate your continued prayers as I have a fairly busy schedule in counseling coming up, want to get transitioned over to a cane ASAP, and  plan on being back in Church next Sunday filling in for one of the  Sunday School teachers. So much coming up and I would like to meet the challenges successfully. I also want to thank Diane for walking with me through this as well as our prayer and financial partners, You are all so appreciated.

We are looking forward to having family visit with us this summer. As all grandparents know, it’s one thing to talk to them on the phone or FaceTime, but it is quite another thing to have them in the home laughing and just having fun. It’s a time to feel young and kinda act stupid (not that I would ever do something that was just plain…, well you know.)

So my prayer is that each and everyone of you will have a blessed, enjoyable, productive, and great summer, and enjoy your families as best you can. And for our farming friends, we pray that our blessed Lord will grant you a great growing season and plentiful harvest.

God bless you all,