Newsletter March 1, 2022

Center for Christian Counseling & Training

Celebrating 24 Years of National & International Ministry

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Last 6 Weeks Continue to be Busy with
Counseling Nationally & Internationally

There were 126 counseling appointments There were 113 counseling appointments scheduled in the last six weeks. One was a 5 hour ZOOM appointment to aide another counselor during one of his appointments with a heavily demonized individual. These counseling sessions were with counselees in fourteen states, Hungary, Germany, and Australia. As usual, most involved issues with biblical brokenhearted￾ness (D.I.D.) and demonization issues.

The Three-Day Conference, February 24-27 at Pine Acres Retreat Center in Acworth, Georgia is now History

As a Keynote Speaker, Diane and I drove daily over to Acworth, about 27 miles and 45 minutes away, to speak at the Conference and for Diane to sit at the information and book table for our Center. In attendance at the Conference were approximately 125 counselors and other individuals from around the country who wanted to learn more about sex trafficking, demonization issues, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and the rise of modern-day Nephilim and their effects on the church, as well as many other issues. It was a very interesting and informational weekend.

Bible Study Thursday Evening via ZOOM Continues

I am continuing to teach a small international Bible study on Thursday evenings at 7:30 EST via ZOOM. We are currently studying the Book of Revelation. And the very positive present and future aspects relating to Christians and the Church now through eternity. If you’re interested in joining (weekly attendance is not required), just send a request to our website above with your name, state, church affiliation/background, email address and phone number and we will send you the ZOOM connect information.


Prayer and Financial Partners

Once again, a great big “THANK YOU.” Our ability to move forward in ministry is possible thanks in large part to your continued prayers and financial assistance. We regularly pray for each of you and continue to thank the Lord for your partnership in ministry.

A Personal Note from Roger & Diane

So, one week before the three day conference, on Sunday, February 20th, Diane fell and injured her knees to the point that she was suddenly unable to walk without a walker and was in serious pain. She had already been having much pain in her right arm. And here we were five days from a three day Conference where she would be needed and was planning to be at our book and information table to answer questions about the Center and to sell books, the profit of which would go to help the finances here at the Center for Christian Counseling. What were we to do.

Having seen her family doctor on Tuesday, she had an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon on Wednesday as it was thought she may have broken one knee cap.

Now how in the world was she going to be able to endure the three-day Conference in her present situation.

Tearfully while showering on Tuesday evening she prayed and asked the Lord to intervene in such a way that she would be able to be of assistance during the conference. On Wednesday morning her knees were much better, minimal pain, and she was able to walk without assistance.

During the appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon on Wednesday morning, and after x-rays, it was determined nothing was broken. She was given a shot in the one knee that was very swollen and was able to attend and help all three days of the conference.

We truly serve an amazing Lord.

God bless you all,