Newsletter – October 1, 2021

Center for Christian Counseling & Training

Celebrating 24 Years of National & International Ministry

P.O. Box  2630, Dallas, GA 30132
Office: 321-269-0404

Last Seven Weeks have been Extremely Busy with Counseling Across the U.S. and Australia

There were 77 counseling appointments scheduled in the last five weeks. These counseling sessions were with counselees in ten states, Budapest Hungary and three counselees in Melbourne Australia. As usual, most involved issues with biblical brokenheartedness and demonization issues. Right now we have three requests to begin counselling from Virginia and New Zealand.

Missionary Conference at Prairie Bible Church in Hitchcock, South Dakota, October 23, 24, 25

We have been invited to speak at a Missionary Conference concerning the ministry work here at the Center and feel very honored to do so. I served as interim pastor for a year at this church about 22 years ago and grew to love the people there. They have been such a blessing to the ministry work of the Center through the years.

For our friends in the area we will be sharing on Saturday evening at 7:00 and speaking at the morning worship service at 10:45 on Sunday.

And a “Thank You”

I cannot thank you enough for being available to help.
…..My friend is carrying so much pain and brokenheartedness.
Bless you and your ministry.”
(from State of Virginia)

Halloween is Just Around the Corner

Halloween is just around the corner. When we were kids growing up, we always looked forward to Halloween. We knew nothing about how it began, or what the meanings were behind it. All we knew was that we could get dressed up funny and go through our Cincinnati neighborhood knocking on doors for either candy or money. In fact, the night before Halloween was penny night when we would go out and collect pennies at each home.

But there is a much deeper sinister meaning to it. If you would like to have a better understanding of Halloween, it’s origin, symbols, etc. then we are offering a packet of information which includes “Halloween and the Christian,” the “Satanic Ritual Calendar,” and the “Illinois State Law” dealing with the ritualized abuse of a child. Eye opening material. To obtain a copy send us your e-mail requesting a packet and it will be sent as an e-mail attachment to you.


Prayer and Financial Partners

Just a note of thanks. The Center for Christian Counseling has been in operation for 24 years thanks in large part to your continued prayers and financial assistance. Many are unable to pay for counseling. We continually pray for each of you and thank the Lord for your partnership in ministry. Thanks to each of you we have never left a bill or pay check go unpaid. We acknowledge that it is the Lord who guides you as you partner with us and so we thank Him for leading and you for listening.

A Personal Note from Roger & Diane

Diane and I continue to do well. I am now to the point after hip surgery that I am no longer using a cane but still being careful as I walk around. Also the black eye and other cuts and bruises from the fall I experienced are healed and I no longer look like I am part Raccoon.

Diane is busy with her outdoor projects. She loves working with her flowers and, although she won’t admit it, has a green thumb. But fall is here and growing season for the flowers is coming to an end.

Also, I guess you might say we have been enjoying the simple things such as the humming birds that have been sucking up the fluid in the feeder. With fall and migration coming we have had as many as 8 at a time flying around the feeder being chased away by “Big John” our prominent bird who thinks he owns the place. God is good and even supplies entertainment for us.

Drove over to Talladega and spent the night with Julie, Kory, Jackson and Kye. We drove back on Saturday as I was scheduled to fill in teaching a Sunday School class as our teacher was on vacation.

We are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with family. Our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are all getting together for several days this year to eat (of course), play and laugh together. Dennis, Amy, Angela, Melissa, Julie and their families are included. Unfortunately Gary will not be able to be there and we will miss him.

We hope each of you, our friends, are getting settled with school starting and harvest season for our farming friends. We pray you will have a safe harvest in your fields and that the crop will be a bountiful crop with great yields. God bless you all!

To Jesus be All Glory!