Newsletter – November 15, 2021

Center for Christian Counseling & Training

Celebrating 24 Years of National & International Ministry

P.O. Box 2630, Dallas, GA 30132
Office: 321-269-0404

Last Seven Weeks have been Extremely Busy with Counseling Nationally & Internationally

There were 90 counseling appointments scheduled in the
last six weeks. These counseling sessions were with counselees in eleven states, Hungary, Germany, New Zealand and three counselees in Australia. As usual, most involved issues with biblical brokenheartedness (D.I.D.) and demonization issues.

Missionary Conference at Prairie Bible Church in South Dakota October 23, 24, 25 was such a Blessing

We had been invited to speak at a Missionary Conference concerning the ministry work here at the Center and felt very honored to do so. I served as interim pastor for a year at this church about 22 years ago and grew to love the people there. They have been such a blessing to the ministry work of the Center through the years. We flew to South Dakota on the 23rd, stayed on a farm with one of the church families and ate meals at various homes throughout our time there. We experienced great people, great meals, and great hospitality during our stay and really hated to leave as we flew back on the 26th.

During our time there I presented the ministry work since the Center’s inception 24 years ago in South Dakota, which included:

  • Counseling in 26 states and 15 Foreign countries
  • Dealt with spiritual warfare in homes in 7 states
  • Conducted in person seminars in 4 countries and 9 states
  • Produced Training material in 3 languages
  • Wrote 21 books on Theology & Counseling

Additionally, we have been blessed as former counselees have written 4 books involving, in part, their experiences here at the Center.

Thursday Evening National and International Bible Study

I have been teaching a Bible study on Thursday evenings at 7:30 EST via ZOOM. To date there are 22 individuals registered from 9 states and Australia. It is a rather diverse group coming from Assembly, Baptist, Anglican, Christian & Missionary Alliance, and Non-Denominational backgrounds. We are currently studying about the Church in the Book of Revelation. Revelation is a very positive and encouraging book as it relates to the believer from now through eternity. If you’re interested in joining in, weekly attendance is not required, just send a request to our website above with your name, state, church affiliation/background, email address and phone number and we will send you the ZOOM connect information.


Prayer and Financial Partners

Once again, a great big “THANK YOU!” Our ability to move forward in ministry is possible thanks in large part to your continued prayers and financial assistance. We regularly pray for each of you and continue to thank the Lord for your partnership in ministry. Thanks to each of you we have always been able to pay our bills on time. We acknowledge that it is the Lord who guides you as you partner with us and so we thank Him for leading and you for listening. God bless you all.

A Personal Note from Roger & Diane

Hello to everyone. Diane and I are doing well now but a week ago it was not the case. I became ill and was out of commission for a week and had to cancel about 20 counseling appointments. Coughing ones head off (not literally of course for it is still attached) all night can get really old and make you feel miserable all day. The doctor gave me antibiotics and cough meds so I am doing well now and had 23 counseling sessions this week. I thank God it was not Covid related.

We are so looking forward to Thanksgiving as we will be with a total of 20 children and grandchildren for five days. What a time that is going to be. The girls are all pitching in with the cooking and I expect to control myself and not eat too much. Gotta watch my figure you know (NOT).

Cooler fall weather has arrived and Diane, who loves Florida beaches and warm weather, is already making comments on how cold it is getting. Does anybody know of a beach house, in perfect condition, ocean front, that we can purchase in the neighborhood of $20,000. If so let me know.

As for me, I like the mountains, but I must admit a couple weeks ago when we were in South Dakota I realized again how much I miss its beauty and I especially remember in the winter watching the absolutely gorgeous northern lights. I could sit outside in the snow all bundled up and be amazed at their beauty. God is quite a creator and artist. And then there are no traffic jams in South Dakota either. You can drive for miles at times without passing a car. In fact, a South Dakota traffic jam is a harvesting machine going down the road. Well, will say goodbye for now. I pray you all will have a blessed Thanksgiving.

God bless you all,