Newsletter – August 27, 2021

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Last Seven Weeks Extremely Busy: Counseling Across the U.S. and Australia

There were 111 counseling appointments scheduled in the last seven weeks, an extremely busy period here at the Center for Christian Counseling.

These counseling sessions were with counselees in 14 states, Budapest Hungary and Melbourne Australia. Most involved issues with biblical brokenheartedness, splitting of the soul generally due to extreme trauma in early childhood (known in the secular world as multiple personalities), as well as issues with evil spirits (Ephesians 6:10)

October Missionary Conference

We have been invited to speak at a Missionary Conference concerning the ministry work here at the Center in October in South Dakota and feel very honored to do so. I served as interim Pastor for a year at this church about 22 years ago and grew to love the people there.

Father’s Desperate Plea for Assistance to Find Help for His 11 Children

I met this afternoon (one of 24 sessions I’ve had this week), to find out more and try to determine how we can be of help to him and his eleven children. Please pray for wisdom.

Dr. Boehm, I found you online this morning. I have eleven children who seem to be struggling with various levels of brokenheartedness. I’ve not found anyone who understands or can help.

They endured multiple rapes, life disruptions, handlers, and intense spiritual warfare and supernatural experiences. I’m tired and need help. The children love each other and have gentle hearts, but honestly, most have fallen into hopelessness.

We are currently homeless, (AirBnb’s) and have been wandering around the country the last eight months. I am working when I can, rebuilding my income, and will do whatever I need to to in order to get my children help.

No one seems to be able to understand our situation and the churches have been simply awful with no understanding of the spiritual battles we face.

Not sure if you’re able or willing to help us, but if you’re willing, could we talk or meet online?

And a “Thank You”

“I cannot thank you enough for being available to help…my friend is carrying so much pain and brokenheartedness. bless you and your ministry. (from State of Virginia)’


Prayer and Financial Partners

Just a note of thanks. The Center for Christian Counseling has been in operation for 24 years and this is due in large part to your continued prayers and financial assistance – thank you! Many are unable to pay for counseling. The father in the letter above trying desperately to find help for his 11 children is an example. We continually pray for each of you and thank the Lord for your partnership in ministry. Thanks to each of you we have never left a bill or paycheck go unpaid. We acknowledge that it is the Lord who guides you as you partner with us and so we thank Him for leading and you for listening.

Personal Note from Roger & Diane

We are doing well all things considered. We both have the old age aches and pains. And then last Friday as I approached our front door I slipped and my left eye made contact with the door knob. Do I have a shiner! In fact I look like I am part racoon! Sunday at church Diane was accused by the men of punching me, all in good fun of course, but we had fun kidding around. Can’t wear my glasses for the time being, but it hasn’t slowed me down as far as counseling.

During the last six weeks or so, our friends from Florida, Jim and Pam, came to visit and we had a great time together. We always miss them when they leave.

Then Dennis, Angela, Melissa and their families came for a few days at a time each and we had a great time enjoying children, grand-children, and great-grand-children. Gary and Julie also dropped by while they were here. We are blessed by family.

Diane has been busy this summer enjoying working out in the yard when she gets a chance, but fall is coming when the grass turns brown, flowers are finished and we experience cooler weather and maybe even some snow. It hasn’t snowed since we moved here two and a half years ago so we are ready to sit on the back porch and watch it snow this winter.

We hope each of you, our friends, are getting settled with school starting, fall coming and harvest season for our farming friends. We pray you will have a safe harvest in your fields and that the crop will be a bountiful crop.

To Jesus be all glory!