Book title The Right of Birth by Roger J. Boehm, Ph.D., D.C.C.

(Sexual Relations between Evil Spirits and Humans in the 21st Century and their Offspring the Modern Nephilim)

As a Christian Counselor, the author has worked with the Nephilim, the offspring of sexual unions between fallen angels in human form and human women. He received the award for highest academic achievement at graduation for a doctoral paper on the subject while in seminary. In recent years there has been an increase of those seeking counseling who are the product of such sexual unions.

Many wrongly claim that, even though this type of relationship occurred in Noah’s day, there is nothing in the Scriptures to indicate it still does. In an attempt to help with understanding and the biblical truth relating to modern Nephilim, the author has written this book with the hope that truth will prevail. Nephilim offer a new challenge to the Church today.

104 pages   Perfect Bound Soft Cover

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