The Center for Christian Counseling & Training is a National Christian Counselor’s Association (NCCA) Certified Academic Institution. NCCA materials are proprietary and protected by copyright. The purpose of the NCCA certification/licensing program is to guard the copyrighted material from unlawful infringement, thus protecting the originality, quality, and integrity of the material from misuse by unholy and unprincipled practitioners.

The NCCA certification/licensing program is not to be identified nor confused with state licensing in any way. It is intended for a person who wants to practice as a “servant of the Church (Body of Christ)” rather than as an “agent of the state.”

The certification/licensing program developed by the NCCA provides specific ministerial credentials within the Ministry of Counseling.

We, at the Center for Christian Counseling & Training, extend an invitation to you to become a member of one of the largest educational and training associations of Christian counselors in the world. Our staff is committed to helping you fulfill the call that God has placed on your life. If you have any questions, please feel free to write or call.


You can complete your studies through distance education utilizing two formats. C.F.C.C. offers online courses as well as traditional printed and bound book format that allows candidates to choose which format best suits their learning style. 

•  The Traditional course format has the student receiving the printed book material, DVD (if the course has a video), and the tests sealed in an envelope to be taken in the presence of a proctor. Contact the Center for more information regarding this format.

•  The Online course format allows the student to download courses, view course videos (if the course has a video), take the course exam online, and request to be placed in new courses. If you are already registered to receive courses online, you may login to your account here: CFCC NCCA ONLINE. For more information regarding this format, please Contact us.

Please view our ONLINE CATALOG by clicking this link. If you would prefer to download or print the catalog, you may do so from within the online catalog using the toolbar options at the bottom.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.