Newsletter – October 15, 2020

Center for Christian Counseling & Training

Celebrating 23 Years of National & International Ministry

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Office: 321-269-0404

Celebrating 23 Years of World Wide Christian Counseling Ministry

23 years ago this month the Center for Christian Counseling began operating in Huron, South Dakota. Since that time we have moved the ministry office to Florida then to our current location in Dallas, Georgia. In those 23 years, thanks to the Lord Jesus who is our wonderful  counselor, and to you our prayer and financial partners who have played a vital role in the Center’s success, we have ministered in 19 countries (Dubai, Cameroon, N. Vietnam, Astonia, Canada, Venezuela, Brazil, Chili,  Cuba, Dominican Republic, Hungary, Belgium, England, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Panama, Haiti,) and 25 states as shown in the maps above. Thank you all for your continuing prayer and financial support, you are a blessing.

The Book Written by a Former Counselee Detailing her Experiences During Four Years of Counseling here at the Center is Complete and Published

The book is titled “Deliverance to Destiny—The Split Child Out of Darkness into Light.” by: Sharon Ganz. It has been published through Lulu and contains 159 pages and will be available online & bookstores shortly.

 In my forward I wrote: “This book is ALL ABOUT JESUS and is important as it delves into the darkness of Satanic Ritual Abuse and biblical brokenheartedness… Many events described in the following pages may be difficult to accept, even though they are      happening all over our country, whether we choose to believe the reality or not.”

During the counseling we all interacted together, the author, her alternate personalities, and the Lord Jesus, The Wonderful Counselor. I considered myself as a facilitator as Jesus worked step by step through the counseling to bring healing and complete integration with the interactions of Jesus well documented throughout the book. Believe it!  It happened!

On a Personal Note

Diane and I are doing well and staying busy.

September was a busy month. We began the month with a weeklong visit from daughter Melissa and    granddaughter Madelyn from Dayton, Ohio. We had a great time.

Then over Labor Day weekend daughter Julie was visiting and as they were getting ready to leave to  return home to Talladega, Alabama, being the “great” father that I am, I decided to take her car up to the service station to get it filled with gas. Well, let’s just say that I customized one of those boxy mail trucks. Yep, had an accident, but it was not major and she was able to drive to Talladega later that day after the police and I had a little discussion. And, he was nice enough to give me a little piece of paper.

On the 11th we drove out to Talladega to attend a High School football game Jackson was playing in.

During September I had the privilege of preaching three Sundays at our home church, Legacy Baptist in Dallas, Georgia. We are without a pastor but have just called one last week who should be beginning his ministry here by the first Sunday in November.

Last night we went to great-grand-daughter Payton’s birthday party. We have been blessed with living to see three generations of offspring.

Diane and I are both enjoying the cooler weather after a hot summer.

In the past month we have had our computer crash and our printer die here at the office. We want to say a special thanks to one of our partners who gave a large donation to cover much of the cost of the new computer. What would we do without all of our partners that God has provided.