Newsletter – July 26, 2019

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Recent Letters of Inquiry

From a Woman in Need

I was wondering if your center is taking new clients? I am wanting to work through trauma issues. There are differing opinions of whether I do or don’t have DID. Either way, I just want to be healed and whole and actually live in  freedom and not live “disabled.” I have done a lot of ground work in the last year, so I think I am in a good place to start working on it. I was reading how you’ve seen such success and I feel like I’ve been sprinting after freedom and running into a brick wall. It’s so discouraging.”

I let this individual know that we are taking on new clients and have encouraged her to call this week to discuss how we might be able to help.

A Young Woman Flown in From California for Concentrated Counseling

Recently we received the following letter from a mother in California. “I have been looking for a Christian counselor with knowledge of DID to help my adopted 18 year old daughter. She has an aggressive personality that wanted to jump out the windows of our two-story house, jump out of the car on the freeway, and lay on the train tracks…along with major depression, PTSD and 12 trips to the psychiatric hospital…I have had to take a medical leave because it’s not safe for her to be home alone. We are available to come to Georgia so she can be treated. Would you be willing to talk to me about how we can get her some much needed help?”

I spoke to this mother by phone and last week she and her daughter flew from California to Atlanta for a couple days of counseling with us. It was determined that the “aggressive personality” was actually an evil spirit that was trying to destroy her. During the course of counseling we dealt with two very aggressive and strong evil spirits through the Lord Jesus Christ that were generational, along with several less powerful spirits. The mother stated she is so glad to have the evil spirits gone. Just today the mother called and said her daughter is doing well. The plan is for us to continue counseling the young woman via SKYPE in order to address the multiple personality issues and find healing through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Counseling Activity During the Last Six Weeks

There were 63 counseling appointments, including the  individual for concentrated counseling from California, during the last six weeks covering 12 states and the country of Belgium. The map shows the states we worked in across our nation during this period. As you can imagine, some of these are very complex and we do appreciate your prayers for wisdom and discernment while working with these individuals.

Prayer and Financial Partners

Any success and victories we witness during counseling with individuals is in no small part due to your continuing partnership with us. We absolutely could not continue on without your prayers as we seek the Lord’s wisdom as     

the wonderful counselor in dealing with many complex situations and spiritual  battles. We also need continuing financial assistance to be able to keep our financial obligations met. So once again we say a hearty “thank you” for all you do.

On a Personal Note

Diane and I are doing well. We continue to be busy with many activities including counseling, family, church, etc.

In the last six weeks I made two additional trips to the Dental College in Augusta. The first to put in another implant and then two weeks later to have it checked. All was OK. I will be going back in September for the impression and then in December to have the cap put on and then I will be finally done receiving the three implants.

I had the opportunity to preach the Sunday AM service at Bemiston Baptist Church in Talladega on the 7th of this month. Since it was Independence Day weekend I chose to preach on our country’s heritage and problems we are facing as a nation.

Then a few weeks ago I was invited to have lunch with a Bible College President who discussed the possibility of my heading up their counseling department. But I do not feel the Lord is leading us in that direction. We feel we are in the center of His will with the counseling ministry.

Two of our good Florida friends, Jim and Pam, visited us for a couple days and it was a great time of fun and fellowship. We hated to see them leave. We laughed so much and so hard. They were sure fun to be with.

Diane has been spending some time out in Talladega helping Julie and family get settled in their new home. I have been driving out when possible to help with painting doors, hanging pictures etc. We have enjoyed watching them get their home set up.

Melissa and her family are visiting from Ohio this weekend for a few days and we look forward to spending time with them. Having moved to Georgia we are now only seven hours  driving time as opposed to the two day trip it use to take.

Once Again “Thank You”

Thank you all so much for partnering with us in this vital worldwide ministry.

We pray for you.

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