Newsletter January 15, 2022

Center for Christian Counseling & Training

Celebrating 24 Years of National & International Ministry

P.O. Box 2630, Dallas, GA 30132
Office: 321-269-0404

Last Eight Weeks have been Busy with
Counseling Nationally & Internationally

There were 126 counseling appointments scheduled in the last eight weeks (even though closed for several days over Thanksgiving and for a week between Christmas and New Years. These counseling sessions were with counselees in fifteen states, Hungary, Germany, and Australia. As usual, most involved issues with biblical brokenheartedness (D.I.D.) and demonization issues.

End of Year Donation Receipts for Tax Purposes

End of year receipts for income taxes are included in this mailout. Therefore, if you contributed to the ministry work of the Center during 2021 and there is no receipt included in this envelope, or if you have reason to believe the amount on the tax receipt is not correct, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 321-269-0404 so any errors can be corrected. And once again thank you so much for your continued to prayer and financial support of this vital ministry as we help others from around the world.

2022 Counting the Cost Conference Pine Acres Retreat Center Acworth, Georgia (February 24 – 27)

As one of the keynote speakers I will be speaking on the following subjects:

  • Vows, Curses, Evil Marriages & Dedications
  • Introduction to Satanic Ritual Abuse
  • Part 1—Rise and Treatment of modern Nephilim
  • Part 2– Rise and Treatment of modern Nephilim
  • Understanding the Five Temperaments
    1. Melancholy
    2. Phlegmatic
    3. Choleric
    4. Supine
    5. Sanguine

Bible Study on Thursday Evening via ZOOM Continues

I am continuing to teach a Bible study on Thursday evenings at 7:30 EST via ZOOM. To date there are 22 individuals registered from 9 states and Australia. It is a rather diverse group coming from Assembly, Baptist, Anglican, Christian & Missionary Alliance, and Non-Denominational backgrounds. We are currently studying about the Church in the Book of Revelation. And the very positive present and future aspects relating to Christians and the Church now through eternity. In the


weeks to come we will be addressing the battle of Armageddon, the Millennial Reign, and the renovated earth. If you’re interested in joining in, weekly attendance is not required, just send a request to our website above with your name, state, church affiliation/background, email address and phone number and we will send you the ZOOM connect information.

Prayer and Financial Partners

Once again, a great big “THANK YOU.” Our ability to move forward in ministry is possible thanks in large part to your continued prayers and financial assistance. We regularly pray for each of you and continue to thank the Lord for your partnership in ministry,

A Personal Note from Roger & Diane

We have made it successfully through another year thanks to our blessed Lord and you, our prayer and financial partners. During 2021 counseling has been done nationwide here in the United States and in European countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand. Over the Thanksgiving weekend Diane and I stayed in a cabin near Sevierville, Tennessee with 18 of our children, grand-children and great-grandchildren. It was a fun time with family. However, I ended up with an open sore and infection on the bottom of my right foot. Was put on antibiotics with the orthopedic surgeon saying if it didn’t heal on its own, then I would probably need surgery. I spent several weeks on a knee scooter and a cane, but finally it had healed enough that now I am walking on both feet again and driving again.

The Lord is gracious, and Diane was my in-house nurse who really helped me get through the period of time. Diane’s birthday was December 23rd and so we spent the evening celebrating her birthday and had Gary, Julie and families over with a good time had by all.

On Christmas Day we went over to Gary’s and the grand boys grilled steaks out on a grill. It was like spring, in the 70’s, and so a good day in the warmth of the sun visiting was enjoyed by all.

As 2022 begins we pray for all of our prayer and financial partners that you each will have a blessed, healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year.

God bless you all,