Newsletter – April 15, 2020

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The Corona Virus Outbreak Changed Plans to Fly to Seattle March 7th

Airline tickets had been purchased for a flight to Seattle Washington in order to lead a church team in dealing with an extremely difficult case involving one of their members and a very strong spirit. Due to the Corona outbreak in the Seattle area the ticket was canceled and we agreed to do the session via SKYPE. So on Saturday, March 7th an  intense eleven hour counseling session was completed. Progress was made but another session will be scheduled as soon as shelter in place restrictions are lifted in the Seattle area. At that time the church’s team will once again assemble and we will continue where we left off in dealing with this spirit.

Former Counselee writes a Book Detailing Her Experiences and Counseling Sessions and Asked that I Proof Read and Write the Forward

I completed proof reading the book and writing the Forward which reads in part:

“This book is ALL ABOUT JESUS and is important as it delves into the darkness of Satanic Ritual Abuse and biblical brokenheartedness…. Many events described in the following pages may be difficult to accept, even though they are happening all over our country, whether we choose to believe the reality or not.

I was privileged to work with the author beginning in November of 2015 with the last counseling session completed in December 2019. During that period we all interacted together, the author, her alternate personalities and the Lord Jesus Christ, the “Wonderful Counselor.” I considered myself as a facilitator as Jesus worked step by step through the counseling to bring the author to full healing and complete integration of the alter personalities…. The interactions of Jesus are well documented throughout the book. Believe it! It happened!

The reader may question whether what happened to the author in this book is common or rare. Let me say it is not uncommon and is happening all over our country…

We will  let you know when the book is published.

National & International Counseling in the Past Seven Weeks

The maps above show the 11 states in which we completed counseling sessions during the last seven weeks. Additionally, we completed counseling sessions in the countries of Panama in Central America and Astonia in North Eastern Europe for a total of 95 counseling sessions during the period. Thanks again prayer & financial partners for making this  possible.

Our Local Office Remains Closed During the Virus Outbreak

Legacy Baptist Church here in Dallas, Georgia has given us a small office in which to meet with local counselees. However, due to the Corona Virus outbreak and the current restrictions, and to protect all involved, we are only seeing individuals via SKYPE at our office here at home. This has not affected our ability to counsel and in fact we remain busy.

On a Personal Note

Diane and I are staying at home during this virus pandemic as are many, many others across our country. I am working completely out of my office here at the house utilizing SKYPE to counsel individuals.

Last week we were without the internet for three days but finally got a broken underground line replaced and are up and running again. Prior to coming to the house the A.T.&T. technician called and asked a number of questions required by A.T.&T. concerning the Corona virus. Was I feeling well? Had I been diagnosed with the virus? Had I been out of the country recently? Etc. I told him I had not and asked him if he had a mask and if not I would give him one. He then stated they have not been given masks and would not wear one. I stated my concern at which point he stated I could reschedule the appointment after the pandemic is over if I wanted. I had him come but felt A.T.&T. was concerned about the safety of their employees in having them ask the questions but had no concern for their customers. I wasn’t impressed to say the least.

On March 11th I was scheduled to go up to the local hospital for an MRI. I was to premedicate due to allergies that I have and did as directed. On the way to the hospital I started feeling bad and when I was called into the imaging area for the MRI, the nurse asked how I was doing and I told her I was not feeling well. I immediately got a free ride to the emergency room in a wheelchair, the MRI never took place, and instead I spent three hours in the emergency room before being sent home. The problem was the premedication which was to protect me from having a problem. Hmm!!??

We are looking forward to spring now where we can get out in the yard a bit. Diane is starting on making the yard look nice. With being sheltered-in-place I have a few “honey do’s” that I finished but still have a couple to-do’s to-go 🙂

We are missing interaction at church and with our children due to distancing, although Gary and Kelly did come over one night last week and we sat outside, away from each other, and enjoyed visiting for a couple hours.

Prayer partners we ask for your continued prayers as we deal with some difficult situations. With many out of work some are unable to pay for counseling at this time and we are even more appreciative of our partners. Thanks again to all our prayer and financial partners and may the Lord receive all honor and glory.

Prayer and Financial Partners -Once Again “Thank You”

Thank you all so much for partnering with us in this vital worldwide ministry.

We pray for you.

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