Newsletter – June 1, 2020

Center for Christian Counseling & Training

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Following is a Sampling of the Calls and E-mails We have received in the Last Few Weeks

  • A telephone call from Germany asking for assistance in dealing with a demonization issue.
  • “I have been seeking out a Christian counselor who specializes in Dissociative Identity Disorders. (What the bible calls “brokenheartedness” when the soul splits due to     extreme trauma) I currently live in Kentucky and there are not any resources for this that I can find. I’m willing to travel out of state if necessary and prefer a Christian.”
  • From a Christian counselor in Georgia “I would really like my client to meet with you for help in dealing with an evil spirit if you would be willing to do that. The other alternative might be to train her pastors at the United Methodist Church she attends on how to deal with an evil spirit. They want to help but don’t know how.

A Book Written by a Former Counselee and Detailing Her Experiences and Counseling Sessions here at the Center has been completed

The book is titled: “Deliverance to Destiny” – The Split Child out of Darkness into Light“ Proof copies have been printed by the publisher as a step to final approval by the author. This book is all about Jesus and is important as it delves into the darkness of Satanic Ritual Abuse and biblical brokenheartedness. Many of the events described in the book may be difficult to accept, even though they are happening all over our country, whether we choose to believe the reality or not. The reader may question whether what happened to the author in this book is common or rare. Let me say it is not uncommon and is happening all over our country. We will  let you know when the book is published.

Our Local Office Remains Closed

Due to the pandemic our office at Legacy Baptist Church here in Dallas remains closed for now. But we remain busy.

National & International Counseling in the Past Seven Weeks

The map above shows the 13 states in which we completed counseling sessions during the last seven weeks for a total of 104 counseling sessions during the period. Thanks again prayer & financial partners for making this  possible.

Exorcist? No! … Born-Again Believer? Yes!

Occasionally I am asked if I am an exorcist? I always answer “No! I am a born-again believer with the same authority through Jesus Christ as any other born-again believer.”

The problem is that many of our seminaries and churches do not teach on the subject and therefore there are church members across our nation and around the world who are dealing with the spirit realm but are often hesitant to speak with church leaders  because they are afraid they will not be understood. How sad. Thus the reason we receive calls for help from around the world from Christians who state there is no one in their area who would be able to help them. How sad! Christians should be able to reach out for help from their local church instead of hundreds or thousands of miles.

We are here and ready to do a training event at any church who would like to learn more. For more information or to schedule a spiritual warfare conference at your church call us at 321-269-0404.

On a Personal Note

We are here and ready to do a training event at any church who would like to learn more. For more information or to schedule a spiritual warfare conference at your church call us at 321-269-0404.

Diane and I are starting to venture out some as this virus pandemic  appears to be winding down as are many, many others across our country. We are being cautious and are still using masks etc. I am still working completely out of my office here at the house utilizing SKYPE and FACETIME to counsel individuals.

Last weekend Julie and our two grandchildren, Kye and Jackson, drove in from Alabama and spent two nights with us. Our son-in-law Kory had to preach Sunday morning before coming over. Also on Sunday Gary and Kelly and two of our great-grandchildren came by and we all cooked out together. A good time was had by all.

We are looking forward to Dennis, Amy, Angela,  Melissa and their families coming down during the summer for a visit.

Plans had been made for a visit by a couple of them but when the pandemic began it put a stop to those plans. However, I sent them all a text  several days ago letting them know that the “Boehm lodge was open for summer reservations” and have happily heard a few replies already.

We are looking forward to resuming on site services at the church we attend starting Sunday, June 14th. We have had a couple events in the church parking lot remaining in our cars but miss the socialization and seeing everyone. I am sure many of you feel the same way.

We pray that all our friends, prayer partners and financial partners are safe and healthy. God bless you all.

Prayer and Financial Partners -Once Again “Thank You”

Thank you all so much for partnering with us in this vital worldwide ministry.

We pray for you.

Anyone willing to partner with us in this vital worldwide ministry should send  donations to:

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