Newsletter – July 15, 2020

Center for Christian Counseling & Training

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Following is a Sampling of the E-mails We have received in the Last Few Weeks from Counselees

  • “He’s a different boy today. Happy, still bouncy, but his    attitude is so much better. Thank you so much for helping us!”
  • “Thank you so much for your time and help. It took me months to find someone who is a Christian who could offer wisdom, guidance, and help according to God’s Word. I feel comfortable and thankful knowing Jesus is working in the midst!.”
  • “I am writing to share about integration today, it is           monumental to me. I am especially finding so much joy in how excited the alternate personalities were to see each other . And it was a “weird” wholesome and washing     experience.”

Our Local Office is Now Open Once Again for Counselees in our Area

Due to the pandemic our office at Legacy Baptist Church here in Dallas Georgia was closed since early March but we have recently began seeing area counselees there once again. Since most of our counseling is national and international we remained busy during the pandemic at our home office utilizing SKYPE.

Caution! Our Children are being Exposed to Dangers at Every Turn

Parents and caregivers beware! It is almost unprecedented the dangers our children are facing today at every turn. With our children armed with smart phones, the internet is an open door to evils never before available at a moments notice to them. The occult and pornography are destructive to them. Children are involved in sexual activities at a very young age. Know who you are leaving your child with to babysit, the dangers are unbelievable. To that end we offer a seminar titled “Children in Danger” to help educate parents etc. as to the dangers they face. Shocking but true information. For more information on scheduling a seminar for your church or group call us at 321-269-0404.

National & Int’l Counseling in the Past Seven Weeks Has Increased

The map above shows the 11 states, along with      England, in which we completed counseling sessions during the last seven weeks for a total of 119 counseling sessions during the period, an increase of 15 from the previous seven weeks Thanks again    prayer & financial partners for making this  possible.

Did You Know we are an Approved Academic Institution with the National Christian Counselors Association

That’s right! For some 25 years we have been training individuals offering courses and programs in Christian Counseling leading to licensing (not a certificate)     recognized nationally as well as degrees, Bachelor’s through Ph.D.’s in Clinical Christian Psychology, through several seminaries and colleges.

On a Personal Note

Diane and I are doing well and staying busy. I turned 75 on June 2nd and thankful the Lord is allowing me to have  health and a clear mind in order to keep serving in ministry.

A couple weeks ago Amy came for a weekend visit from Ohio and we were so  happy to be able to spend some time with her. We are expecting Amy to return yet this summer for a couple days with Zoe. Dennis, Angela, and Melissa are also planning on coming down for weekend visits in late July and August.    Always good to see children, grand’s and greats.

I had the privilege of preaching the AM service at Bemiston Baptist Church in Talladega, Alabama this past Sunday as our daughter Julie and family were on vacation. Kory is pastor of the church.

Diane is planning on going to visit with Julie a couple days this week and having some fun with Kye.

First of August I will be preaching a couple Sunday AM services at our home church, Legacy Baptist, here in   Dallas, GA. I always look forward to preaching on Sunday morning.

There are a few unspoken medical issues within our family at this time that Diane and I would ask that you pray with us about.

We pray that all our friends, prayer partners and financial partners are safe and healthy. God bless you all.

Thanks Prayer and Financial      Partners for Your Continuing        Support

Prayer partners we ask for your continued prayers as we deal with some difficult situations.

With many still out of work additional counselees are unable to pay for counseling at this time and we are even more in need and appreciative of our partners. Thanks again to all our prayer and financial partners and may the Lord receive all honor and glory.

Anyone willing to partner with us in this vital worldwide ministry should send  donations to:

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