Newsletter – June 6, 2019

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A Recent Letter From a Mom in a Neighboring State

“My son is having thoughts of self-harm with visions in his mind of himself hung in his closet. He is also hearing voices in his mind telling him to kill myself and my husband. He tells me that these thoughts and visions scare him. I want my son to receive the help and guidance he needs in order to rid his mind of these thoughts and visions.”

Diane and I set up an appointment and drove to a neighboring state to meet with the 12 year old boy and his    mother. During the session there were five evil spirits dealt with. Four of the five stated they were a result of his viewing pornography.

Parents, be aware of what your children are viewing and use app’s on electronics your children use which provide safeguards.

To help educate Christians concerning the spiritual warfare we all find ourselves in, we  do offer a Spiritual Warfare Training Seminar. We will schedule a seminar tailored to your church and schedule for travel expenses,  and a love offering. We do not set an exact amount so that your church, rather large or small, can better afford to receive this vital training.  For more information or to schedule a seminar call the Center at 321-269-0404.

Counseling Activity During the Last Six Weeks

There were 84 counseling appointments during the  last eight weeks covering 14 states and the country of Belgium. The map shows the states we worked in across our nation during this period. Counselees included victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse, childhood sexual, physical and emotional trauma, demonization issues, as well as multiple personality disorders (biblical broken heartedness) including one with over 1000 alternate personalities. As you can imagine, some of these are very complex and we do appreciate your prayers for wisdom and discernment while working with these individuals

Summer is always a Challenging Time Financially for the Center

With the children at home, vacations planned, and many other activities during the summer to occupy time and draw on finances, we find that many counselees slow down with their counseling needs.

Couple this with the fact that approximately 50% of the people we work with are only able to pay a small amount for counseling, with some of those unable to pay nothing. You may ask why this happens?

Many individuals we counsel with are suffering from multiple personalities, due to severe trauma for many  in early childhood. Sexual, emotional, and physical trauma that is almost beyond comprehension. These individuals are often unable to hold down jobs until healing has occurred for them and the alternate personalities. They commonly experience lapses in dependable memory such as what happened today, of well-learned skills such as how to do their jobs, use a computer, read, and at time, even drive. They find perplexing writings or drawings that they must have created but

have no conscious memory of, as well as “coming to” or switching from an alter personality in the midst of doing something. For these and other reasons they are unable to hold down jobs. The Lord does amazing things in bringing about healing and the Bible states he died to heal the broken hearted, and that’s what this is.

We need your help financially especially during this summer period to continue with the work of the Center. If you can help with prayer and finances please give as the Lord directs. All contributions to the Center are tax deductible.

On a Personal Note

Diane and I are doing well. We have been busy with counseling, family, church, etc.

I am still in the midst of completing dental work at the Dental College of Georgia in Augusta. Last month they completed two implants and now I am able to chew better. This Thursday I will be returning to Augusta for them to place the last post after which I will have to wait three months to get the crown which will be the last of the dental work.  I am thankful I decided to go to the    college to have the work done as the intern is great and needs the practice as much as I need the teeth. And best of all its cheaper, my primary reason in going there, even though it’s taking many months to complete the task.

Having moved to Georgia we are close to family. We see son Gary and his wife Kelly on a weekly basis for dinner. Julie lives in Talladega, Alabama which is only about 1:45 driving time away, so we see them fairly often. In fact our granddaughter Kye, Julie’s youngest, is spending the weekend with us.

We recently made two trips to Talladega, one for Kye’s piano recital and the other for Kye’s ballet recital. These are  things we were missing when we lived so far away. We are now only 7 hours from the children in Cincinnati so hope to see them more this summer.

Then we also recently had a 50th birthday party for Gary with friends and relatives over on a Saturday afternoon.

As for this old man, I turned 74 on June 2nd and still remaining very active in the counseling, The Lord has blessed me with a clear mind and I personally see nothing in Scripture that says I can retire as long as I can use the abilities He has given me. So we press on.

Once Again “Thank You”

Thank you all so much for partnering with us in this vital worldwide ministry.

We pray for you.

Anyone willing to partner with us in this vital worldwide ministry should send  donations to:

Center for Christian Counseling
P.O. Box 2630
Dallas GA 30132

Donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes at the end of the year.

Newsletter – January 14, 2019

Center for Christian Counseling & Training

P.O. Box  2630, Dallas, GA 30132
Office: 321-269-0404

Tax Deductible Contribution Reports for 2018 are Enclosed with this Newsletter

If you have made a contribution to the ongoing work of the Center in 2018 your Contributions Report should be included in the envelope with this newsletter. Check your statement carefully and report any errors to our office at 321-269-0404.

If you feel you made a contribution in 2018 either via PayPal, or by mail and no Contribution Report is enclosed, please contact us immediately. Again we want to thank all our prayer and financial partners for your continue support of this local, national, and worldwide ministry.

What was Accomplished in 2018

With the help of your prayer and financial support in 2018 we were able to counsel individuals and families in 18 states across the United States.

Internationally we counseled individuals and families in Belgium, England, Hungary and Victoria Australia.

Additionally, 5 training videos were completed, we passed out information on the Center at a Car Show and in downtown Dallas Georgia on Halloween, and for local counselees we now have office space in which to do counseling.

Requests in the Last Couple Weeks Indicate that 2019 will be Busy Year

Here are a few of the messages we have received:

We live in the United Kingdom and I am looking for a Christian Counselor wo has godly wisdom and insight and is not afraid to “challenge the norm.” I believe that the Lord has directed me to find your contact on the internet. My fiancé’ was diagnosed from childhood with paranoid schizophrenia with behavioral problems, then multiple personality disorder, and now borderline
personality disorder. He has gone through some serious traumas, even from the time he was growing in his mother’s womb…..I have not met anyone (Christian or non-Christian) who even understands what he is going through here in the United Kingdom. Please  contact me as soon as you can.

From the Southeast United States  comes this cry for help. I need your help. Things that have been difficult here and have been strange to say the least. I am feeling horribly attacked by something evil and I don’t feel I can shake it…… Can you help me please.

From Louisiana another cry for help. Hi, I have been having visions (one out of body experience) and what I thought was telepathy (hearing voices and having   conversations with them). I wonder if some could be evil spirits and some fractured parts of my soul. I don’t hear negative voices all day anymore, but I’ll hear them now and then and I could record a few conversations or comments, the content of what gets said if that will help. I feel I need a Christian Counselor.

On a Personal Note

Diane and I are doing well. We had a wonderful Christmas visiting family.  Christmas Eve and day was spent here in Dallas with family. Then on Thursday we traveled to Ohio with our youngest daughter and her two children to visit family there for a couple days. A good time was had by all.  Along with all the festivities all three days I ate a  chili 3 way at a chili parlor (Cincinnati is famous for it’s chili parlors.) It  seems like there is one on every corner.

As an old pilot I had the opportunity to go to Lunken Airport which was my home field for quite a few years when I was flying for a living. Always wanted to fly corporate jets but the Lord had a different plan and I haven’t flown since my call to the ministry in 1978.

Dennis works on corporate jets and so I took our grandson Jackson with me and we put him in the front office of a corporate jet. He said there were too many switches, gauges, instruments and computer screens.

Thanks to those of you who sent some funds to help cover the costs of (3) needed dental implants. We are making trips to the dental college in Augusta GA to have the work done. As I have said its cheaper – I need the implants and they need the practice. I have made several trips and now there is a waiting period to allow healing before I go back in two months to have the impressions made for the teeth themselves. Thanks again for your help and prayers.

Anyone willing to partner with us in this vital worldwide ministry should send donations to:

Center for Christian Counseling
P.O. Box 2630
Dallas GA 30132

Donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes at the end of the year.