(Seminar video series)

Seminar on Identifying, Confronting and Successfully Defeating Evil

The Five Sessions Include:

  1. Demonization and the Born-Again Believer 59:22
  2. Dealing with Demonization 60:16
  3. Satanism 44:21
  4. An Inside Look at Dissociative Identity Disorders (MPD) 127:04
  5. Sexual Corruption of the Human Race 60:05

The complete seminar includes a flash drive with all five sessions and a seminar booklet. These are actual MP4 Files that can be played on any computer and some modern Smart TV’s with a USB slot. These are very good quality and High Resolution (1080P).

All five videos are also available separately on YouTube. If interested in purchasing a link to any of these videos, please Contact Us for further information and cost. These videos can be played on almost any device without exception, including iPhone, iPad and Android.

Price: $110.00 includes shipping